Why I’m Writing This Blog

There were occasions when I didn’t think about food…

and then there was the rest of the time.  Now I can go all day and only think about food when I’m hungry and deciding what to eat. My desire is for you to use food naturally, for nourishment and pleasure.

Though even in the past I didn’t dare say it to myself, I saw my body as fat and ugly.  How sad.  We all have beauty.  Let’s realize every day how lovely our bodies are.

My overeating past

Now I was heavy, but never really heavy.  So in case you think I wasn’t really as much of an overeater as you are, I bet I out ate you.  I just had the terribly unhealthy habit of essentially starving myself for a few days after a binge.  This of course simply set up a cycle that was extraordinarily difficult to break.

Why I’m writing this blog:

So many people, especially women, suffer daily over their weight.  They have low self-esteem or feel hopeless or ashamed.  All day long, thoughts about appearing too heavy or guilt over eating too much occupy their mind.  I’m here to share this secret: if you stop dieting and learn to follow your body’s cravings, you will stop worrying about weight and food.  I will share all the little details that changed my life, mind and body.

While anyone who wants to improve their relationship with food would benefit from reading all that follows, this blog targets those who overeat regularly.


I owe a great debt to Carol Munter and her Overcoming Overeating support group and books. Some of the most important points in this blog derive from the work she has done (along with Jane Hirschmann) as well as from other important authors in this field.  So read this blog, and then go read “Overcoming Overeating.”  That book full of gems changed my life.

Feeling healthy again

I will discuss my method both in general terms and the specific tips that worked and made things easier for me.  My hope is that the method presented here will end your suffering and obsessing about weight, and that you will feel healthy again!

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