10 breakthroughs of the anti-diet. If you do nothing but #2 alone, you’ll lose weight.

Here I present to you the anti-diet, a non-diet approach to losing weight.  Give up dieting.  You know it doesn’t work and you don’t like it anyway, right?  Let’s do the “I’m never going on a diet again!” dance.  And begin:

1)  Accept your body at any weight, and see the beauty in all shapes and sizes.

2)  Eat only when you are hungry, and stop eating when you are full.

3)  Fill your life with passion, not food.

4)  Do not ever eat in front of the TV again.

5)  Eat exactly what you crave.  All food is okay.

6)  Move your body.

7)  Take time to sit down and enjoy food.

8)  Never go hungry.

9)  You become what you think, so think about what you desire your body to look like (and stop focusing on what you dislike now).

10)  Go to sleep early

That’s it!  Just pay attention to these aspects and you will be at your natural weight sooner than you think.  I’ll give more advice on how to do this in detail in upcoming posts.  If you can follow this, you will lose weight and keep it off forever.  Here’s to eating well, feeling fit, and looking great!