Eat Happily is my way of sharing the information that changed my life.  That is, how to stop binge eating forever, end food and weight preoccupation and love your body unconditionally.  My vision is to help you achieve this as quickly and easily as possible.

Who am I to give advice?  While I did earn a B.A. studying psychology at Rutgers University, that is the extent of my qualifications.  I’m just a woman who spent years struggling with an overeating disorder.  After reading every book I could find on dieting and overeating, I created a method that allowed me to overcome binge eating disorder.  Since then, I have studied personal development and strategies for living our best life.

This site is here for everyone who struggles with food and weight.  It is here to help you.  It is here for you to start anew.

Dream big.  Live purposefully.  Love and be happy.